Hallucinogenitalia CD


From 2017 comes GGK’s masterbation piece! 30 Tracks that will take you to Planet Fuck and back! All the madness that is the Go-Go Killers in one assive package. Over 1 hour of wreck n roll insanity!

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Track Listing:

  1. Where the Fuck Are You From? (Introduction)
  2. Planet Fuck
  3. The Creep
  4. Haunted by Ghosts & Taunted by Demons
  5. Son of Black Betty
  6. How Do You Voodoo?
  7. Radio Ad for Hallucinogenitalia
  8. Do You Dig My Shit?
  9. You Look Like You Need To Screw Pt 2
  10. A Taste of Olga
  11. Birthday Cake
  12. She Says Oooo Ahhh
  13. UFOs
  14. Werewolves in Heels
  15. When Harry Ate Sally
  16. The Hand
  17. Raw Dog
  18. The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
  19. Pillow Talk
  20. Sex Bucks
  21. …An Interlude…
  22. Gonna Go Evil
  23. Sex Killer
  24. This Little Light o’ Mine
  25. Caught A Demon Last Night
  26. Filthy As Sin
  27. Catchin’ Up With Alabama Sharp (Radio Interview)
  28. The Devil Don’t Chase Me No More
  29. This Can’t Be How It Ends
  30. Dance Like You Look Like You Need To Screw


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