Sexual DisPositions CD


From 2015 comes GGK’s 3rd release of madness, sadness, and sexual depravity! 15 Tracks recorded in one take, includes Jungle Fever, Violent Women, These Heads and others guaranteed to shake your bones

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Track Listing:

  1. Introduction to Sexual DisPositions
  2. Drag Racists
  3. Jungle Fever
  4. You Look Like You Need to Screw
  5. The Devil’s In Ya
  6. Beasts in Heat
  7. Talkin Bout These Heads
  8. These Heads
  9. Devil Doll
  10. Violent Women
  11. The Devil’s in Me
  12. Misery Track (BBD)
  13. The Damnable Life & Death of Christopher Crimson
  14. We’re the Go-Go Killers
  15. Radio Ad


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